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Shoring Services For Waterfront Properties in Ontario

Shoring services provide a necessary foundation for many construction projects. There are many different types of shoring, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. It is important to select the right type of shoring for the project at hand to ensure the safety of workers and the stability of the project.

KB Shoring has over 30 years of experience in providing safe and effective shoring services for construction projects of all sizes. We offer a variety of shoring options, including steel sheeting, aluminium sheeting, and hydraulic shores, to meet the needs of any project. Our team is experienced in using shoring to support walls, slabs, columns, and other structural elements. We also have extensive knowledge in using shoring to mitigate settlement and differential settlement.

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KB Shoring provides waterfront shoring services for shoreline restoration and protection. With over 30 years of experience, our team of shoring contractors is dedicated to providing friendly and professional shoring services. We understand the importance of a healthy shoreline and work diligently to create and restore beautiful waterfronts.

Our shoring services include:

  • Shoreline Restoration: We can help you rebuild your eroded shoreline using proven techniques and materials.
  • Waterfront Protection: We can help keep your waterfront safe from erosion with our robust shoring solutions.
  • Marina Protection: We can help protect your marina from wave action and storm damage with our proven shoring solutions.

Shoring services can also be used for shoreline restoration projects. Shoreline restoration is the process of repairing and restoring a coastline that has been damaged by erosion or other factors. Shoreline restoration projects typically involve the installation of new coastal protection structures, such as seawalls and groynes. Shoring services can play an important role in these projects by helping to stabilize the soil and protect the coastline from further damage.

Shoring services are an important part of waterfront protection. They help to ensure that the water stays where it is supposed to, and they keep the shoreline from eroding. Shoring services also protect boats and other watercraft from damage.

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KB Shoring provides shoring and piling services for marinas and other waterfront properties. Our team of experienced professionals can help you protect your property from erosion and other damage caused by water and weather. We have a wide range of services available, from simple soil stabilization to complex shoring and pile installation projects.

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